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Product Code: 009Z

Contains 1 x Phono Clip Cord, 1 x Standard Footswitch, 1 x Jack Connector. (Individual price £32.50, please note: Machine not included)

(For use with products 008 & 008X Power Supplies only).

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Product Code: CX1-G2

A compact and easy to use second generation CX1 Power Supply. It features a fully digital microprocessor control, for increased adaptability, with a larger brighter display for easier reading.

Compatible with standard clips cord connections and foot pedal connections.

With new innovative features, such as, the ability to run without a pedal and even compatibility with wireless foot pedals. This is a highly adaptable option, allowing you to run at higher amps on any coil or rotary machine, giving you 1 volt adjustment resolution, and allowing you precision regulated set point voltage to be adjusted anywhere from 0-18vdc.

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Product Code: CX2-G2

Second generation CX2 Power Supply.

With a number of new features, this Power Supply accepts standard ¼” clip cord and foot pedal connections, and uses a universal input of 110-240vac at 50/60hz, as well as precision regulated at a set point voltage between 0 and 18vdc.

The newer features include session machine run time meter, as well as session time and session currency meter, which suggests a cost for the session based on your hourly rate, and a total machine run time (odometer).

This also provides a pedal override button, so you won’t need to use a pedal at all if you run in continuous mode, gives a new six amp peak current with 4 amp true continuous current.

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Product Code: 010D

A robust heavy duty ABS Momentary Foot Switch with 1.9m heavy duty lead terminated with 6.35mm mono jack plug. Supplied with 2 interchangeable coloured indents.

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Product Code: 011H

High quality, Heavy Duty clip cord, complete with clips and 2 metres of cable. (No Jack Plug Fitted)

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Product Code: 009X

Joins Power Supply to Foot Switch and Clip Cord

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Product Code: 011P
Superb quality, robust and positive, complete with 2 metres of cable. Fitted with a Phono Plug.

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Product Code: 010

Black metal construction with non-slip base. Rated at 60V/1A. 3m lead with 6.35mm moulded mono plug.

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Product Code: 011

Superb quality, robust and positive complete with clips and 2 metres of cable. (No Jack Plug Fitted)

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