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Product Code: 009Z

Contains 1 x Phono Clip Cord, 1 x Standard Footswitch, 1 x Jack Connector. (Individual price £32.50, please note: Machine not included)

(For use with products 008 & 008X Power Supplies only).

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Product Code: CX1-G2

A compact and easy to use second generation CX1 Power Supply. It features a fully digital microprocessor control, for increased adaptability, with a larger brighter display for easier reading.

Compatible with standard clips cord connections and foot pedal connections.

With new innovative features, such as, the ability to run without a pedal and even compatibility with wireless foot pedals. This is a highly adaptable option, allowing you to run at higher amps on any coil or rotary machine, giving you 1 volt adjustment resolution, and allowing you precision regulated set point voltage to be adjusted anywhere from 0-18vdc.

2m Power Lead supplied, (UK 3 Pin Plug)

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Product Code: CX2-G2

Second generation CX2 Power Supply.

With a number of new features, this Power Supply accepts standard ¼” clip cord and foot pedal connections, and uses a universal input of 110-240vac at 50/60hz, as well as precision regulated at a set point voltage between 0 and 18vdc.

The newer features include session machine run time meter, as well as session time and session currency meter, which suggests a cost for the session based on your hourly rate, and a total machine run time (odometer).

This also provides a pedal override button, so you won’t need to use a pedal at all if you run in continuous mode, gives a new six amp peak current with 4 amp true continuous current.

2m Power Lead supplied, (UK 3 Pin Plug)

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Product Code: HL1

Head Light made of ABS with 1 Watt LED. 2 x AA batteries not included.

Moveable head torch for directional light beam.

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Product Code: 010E

A robust heavy duty ABS Latching Foot Switch with 1.9m heavy duty lead terminated with 6.35mm mono jack plug. Supplied with 2 interchangeable coloured indents.

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Product Code: 010D

A robust heavy duty ABS Momentary Foot Switch with 1.9m heavy duty lead terminated with 6.35mm mono jack plug. Supplied with 2 interchangeable coloured indents.

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Product Code: 011H

High quality, Heavy Duty clip cord, complete with clips and 2 metres of cable. (No Jack Plug Fitted)

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Product Code: 009X
Joins Power Supply to Foot Switch and Clip Cord

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Product Code: 008X

0-15v DC variable regulated Power Supply. 220-240v AC. 160 x 130 x 80mm. Ideal for travelling. (Banana Plug Connections)

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Product Code: 009XL

Specially designed to be used with any 12 volt battery, ideal for travelling or emergency use, fully controls the battery power.

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Product Code: 011P
Superb quality, robust and positive, complete with 2 metres of cable. Fitted with a Phono Plug.

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Product Code: 008-VR1

PULSAR VR 1 - power supply

Pulsar VR-1 is designed and constructed to achieve the highest  functionality and operational comfort. The power supply has got two sockets for tattoo machines (A/B), socket switch (A/B), comfortable manual starter (SW) and foot starter input (FS). The big, step-adjustable controller located on the top of the power supply allows for precise and convenient voltage setting. The device uses clear, anti-scratch display. Pulsar VR-1 is equipped with adjusted voltage saving function for both sockets (A/B). Pre-saved settings will not be lost after the device is switched off. Manual starter makes it possible to control machines without the need to use foot pedal. The power supply base is equipped with a silicone anti-slip pad and four magnets which additionally stabilizes the device on metal surfaces. Pulsar VR-1 power supply works with any kind of tattoo machine.

Technical data:

  • Input voltage: 110/230 V
  • Input frequency: 50 Hz
  • Output voltage: 0-18 V
  • Current: 3 A
  • Operating temperature 0° / + 40° C - Storage temperature -25° / + 60° C

With EU 2 Pin Power Lead supplied, (U.K. adapter required for U.K. use)

The device designed and manufactured by Sirius Tattoo Equipment.

12 months warranty.

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